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A Bit of Air Conditioning History

Air conditioning was first introduced by Willis Carrier in 1902 in response to a problem with airborne moisture in a publishing company. This revolutionary machine sent air through water-cooled coils to eliminate humidity. Unfortunately, this unit did little to enhance human comfort. However, Carrier's design did launch the heating, ventilation and air conditioning or HVAC industry that we know today.

How Air Conditioning Works

How Air Conditioning Works

Air conditioning is the process of removing heat from the ambient air by passing that air over coils to drop the temperature and as a by product, remove moisture content. Once the air is cooled, it is distributed via a centrally located fan and a ducting system. 

Let's take a closer look at the air conditioning process. According to physics, when a liquid is converted to a gas it absorbs heat from the surrounding air mass. In the diagram to the right, a refrigerant is passed through the Evaporator Coil where it becomes a gas and absorbs heat from the surrounding air. The refrigerant moves to the Compressor where it is compressed and then sent to the Condenser Coil. This coil converts the gas back into a liquid and releases its heat to the outside world. When leaving the Condenser Coil the refrigerant passes through the Expansion Valve where its pressure is reduced. This cycle continues over and over again until the unit turns off usually by a thermostat when the ambient air reaches a certain present temperature. The Condenser Coil, Expansion Valve and Compressor are contained within the outside unit, where fans are used to push the air through the Condenser Coil to help dispense the heat.

The Evaporator Coil is located in the inside unit and is the large metal box that contains the control unit and fans. Typically housed within a closet or other inconspicuous space, the fans in this unit are used to move the cool air surrounding the Evaporator Coil throughout the structure via plenums, ductwork and vents. The cool air circulates and passes over a filter to remove airborne contaminates and pollutants. New systems are available from TemperaturePro® that can be attached to the indoor unit that will further purify the ambient air.

Why You Need TemperaturePro®

As you can see there is a lot that goes on inside both the indoor and outdoor air conditioning units. Each of these units has parts that will fail over time. When your air conditioning unit fails to do its job properly, it can be very easy to replace the wrong part or even cause further failures. This complexity is why you need the pros at TemperaturePro®. Our team of highly trained professionals, will quickly and accurately diagnose and replace any defective parts. Of course, we don't over charge our valued customers.

Heat Related Illness

To many, air conditioning is not just a comfort item, it's a necessity. Heat related illnesses are no joke and when your air conditioning system breaks, the danger of health issues goes up as quickly as the temperature. Hiring a fast and responsive air conditioning repair company is the first step in getting your air conditioning back up and running again. Regardless of whether your system is installed in your home, office or shop, our professional service coordination staff are experienced at getting our qualified technicians to your location in the shortest time possible.

New System Installation

If your air conditioning system is beyond repair due to age or other unforeseen circumstances, replacement might be the most economical option. TemperaturePro® offers a wide range of replacement options that will fit virtually every budget. In fact, most TemperaturePro® locations even offer financing and rebates for system replacement.

Once you decide to replace your existing air conditioning system, the TemperaturePro® installation team will conduct a full-load analysis to determine the system that is exactly right for you. This analysis includes determining the amount of space to be cooled, the heat generating energy rating of appliance in the space, the type of insulation installed and many other factors. The analysis will allow the TemperaturePro® installation experts to choose the most efficient and cost effective system that will give you years of service. When the correct system is chosen, the installation technicians will professionally and efficiently install it ensuing total customer satisfaction.

After the new system installation, the TemperaturePro® team will explain the benefits of signing up for our Total Comfort Plan to ensure that you system continues to give you years of carefree service.

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TemperaturePro® - Your Friends in the Air Conditioning Business

So as you can see, TemperaturePro® can help with repairs, maintenance and even system replacement. Each TemperaturePro® location knows and believes in the importance of being a truly trustworthy member of the community that they serve. So, when you choose an air conditioning service provider, choose your friendly neighborhood TemperaturePro®.

The TemperaturePro® Energy Audits

TemperaturePro® has created a way for you to see how much energy your home or business is currently using. These Energy Audits offer both advice and an opportunity to see exactly where your energy consumption is going. Select the audit that best meets your needs by clicking the following links:

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