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Everything You Need to Know about Smart Thermostats

Everything You Need to Know about Smart Thermostats

Homeowners who installed programmable thermostats realized energy savings when they hit the market some 20 years ago. To match their occupancy patterns, their only effort was to program the thermostat. Anyone coming home unexpectedly had to override the...

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5 Steps to Better Air Quality

5 Steps to Better Air Quality

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) surprised and upset homeowners a few years ago by reporting that indoor air in most homes is on average 2 to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air. In many cases, it was much worse. Skeptics and those who think...

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Why You Should Replace Your Old Home Unit

Why You Should Replace Your Old Home Unit

While on the surface it may seem expensive, a new heating and air conditioning system is far cheaper in the long run. New air conditioning and heating systems can last much longer and are far less costly to operate. Let's face it nothing lasts forever....

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Duct Cleaning Scams and How to Avoid Them

Duct Cleaning Scams and How to Avoid Them

Duct Cleaning Scams are a Dime a Dozen—Here’s How to Spot Them Duct cleaning can help reduce or eliminate the danger of indoor air pollution, which the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ranks as one of our gravest environmental threats.Dust, dirt,...

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Landscaping and HVAC

Landscaping and HVAC

Few homeowners give their central air system consideration when landscaping. That's really too bad, because the right plants, carefully situated in relation to the outdoor component of the air conditioner, can contribute in a positive way to the operation...

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10 Common Furnace Problems and What To Do

10 Common Furnace Problems and What To Do

Approximately 50% of homes in the United States use natural gas-fired furnaces for heating. Gas furnaces are generally strong machines with a long expected service life, and most units over 20 years old are still on the job. Because gas heating has a long...

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Testimonial 7

“Awesome company and awesome people. Installed two new AC’s on my house and it couldn’t be better.”

Joseph R. – Phoenix, AZ

Testimonial 6

Chris was our rep/technician and was of course very upfront and professional. He gave me exactly what I needed, no more no less. He was easy to talk to and did great follow up. His son and another technician were sent for the install. They arrived timely and had the utmost respect for us and our home. Our home now warms up quicker than ever and everything is nice and clean. This might sound cliche however I have no complaints. I will use these guys anytime for work to be done.

Scott M. – Syracuse, NY

Testimonial 5

“It was such a great experience coming from a females point of view, was honest with what was going on and what needed to be done with a fair price.”

Michelle E.- Syracuse, NY

Testimonial 4

“John was able to get to our home the same day that we discovered an issue. Had the part we needed in the van, and took care of the issue quickly & efficiently. Very Customer Focused and Pleasant!”

Michael G.- Columbus, OH

Testimonial 3

“Furnace and Heating System Repair or Maintenance Very nice and honest. I️ thought they would recommend a new furnace given it is 20 years old. They checked it out and said it is running fine. Saves me the worry.”

Trai L.- Columbus, OH

Is It Time to Repair or Replace Your Unit?

With the constant changing of the seasons, HVAC units can go through a lot of wear and tear.  At TemperaturePro we are committed to improving the longevity of your unit with ease and at an affordable price.  Give us a call to repair or replace your unit today so you and your family can sleep in total comfort tonight!

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