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TemperaturePro is a network of highly qualified heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) professionals. Even though each location is independently owned and operated, you get the same highly trained and qualified service and products.

In the Beginning

TemperaturePro® was modeled after Lee’s Air Conditioning in Lafayette, Louisiana that was owned by mechanical engineer David Seese. With a background in the refinery industry, David purchased Lee’s 12 years ago. At that time, Lee’s Air Conditioning was mired in a negative income business, but David was able to implement processes that allowed him to grow Lee’s Air Conditioning to the successful business that it is today.

David’s business model was so impressive that it caught the attention of SystemForward America the franchiser for the Pop-A-Lock franchise system. Don Marks, the CEO of SystemForward America, studied Lee’s Air Conditioning business model that had made it one of the most profitable HVAC businesses in North America and used it to create the TemperaturePro® franchise system.

The Creating of TemperaturePro®

Over the last ten and a half years Don Marks has been an owner and the CEO of Pop-A-Lock the professional roadside and locksmithing franchise. Through a lot of hard work, Don was able to take Pop-A-Lock from a presence in just 200 communities to a whopping 8,500 communities representation. Don also introduced over 200 national accounts to the Pop-A-Lock system. When two of those major national accounts called Don and asked him if he could cover their heating, ventilation and air conditioning needs, the idea to create TemperaturePro® was launched.

Since that time, TemperaturePro® has obtained twenty-six national accounts and is still very much growing. Next, client referral sources were asked about their desire to work with a trusted, industry leading HVAC provider for their customers.

Of course they said YES!

All of the unique, powerful and hilarious marketing and public relations programs were then created. An internal proprietary software engineering team designed the field management and key performance indicator software that runs all TemperaturePro® businesses. In an effort to provide TemperaturePro® with the tools that they needed to be successful, unique arrangements were made with suppliers and manufacturers. Additionally, significant support staff experienced in dealing with a large geographic franchise network were hired and trained. Next, programs were put in place to successfully source and hire virtually all of the employees for system franchisees, insuring that the highest quality service would be provided to our customers.

TemperaturePro® Today

TemperaturePro® is a growing professional air conditioning and heating service company already located in many communities throughout the United States. While each location is independently owned and operated, customers still get the benefits of a nationally recognized brand name. Each TemperaturePro® location has the goal to be the best at what they do and offer the highest quality customer service at affordable prices.

TemperaturePro® Corporate Offices
1018 Harding Street, Suite 101
Lafayette, LA 70503

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Testimonial 7

“Awesome company and awesome people. Installed two new AC’s on my house and it couldn’t be better.”

Joseph R. – Phoenix, AZ

Testimonial 6

Chris was our rep/technician and was of course very upfront and professional. He gave me exactly what I needed, no more no less. He was easy to talk to and did great follow up. His son and another technician were sent for the install. They arrived timely and had the utmost respect for us and our home. Our home now warms up quicker than ever and everything is nice and clean. This might sound cliche however I have no complaints. I will use these guys anytime for work to be done.

Scott M. – Syracuse, NY

Testimonial 5

“It was such a great experience coming from a females point of view, was honest with what was going on and what needed to be done with a fair price.”

Michelle E.- Syracuse, NY

Testimonial 4

“John was able to get to our home the same day that we discovered an issue. Had the part we needed in the van, and took care of the issue quickly & efficiently. Very Customer Focused and Pleasant!”

Michael G.- Columbus, OH

Testimonial 3

“Furnace and Heating System Repair or Maintenance Very nice and honest. I️ thought they would recommend a new furnace given it is 20 years old. They checked it out and said it is running fine. Saves me the worry.”

Trai L.- Columbus, OH

Is It Time to Repair or Replace Your Unit?

With the constant changing of the seasons, HVAC units can go through a lot of wear and tear.  At TemperaturePro we are committed to improving the longevity of your unit with ease and at an affordable price.  Give us a call to repair or replace your unit today so you and your family can sleep in total comfort tonight!

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